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Historic Wedding Day

Katie and Matthew asked us to meet them for our first consult at their home in Leavenworth.   This was unusual we rarely take our show on the road but in this case we packed everything up and headed out.  We understood once we got there. […]

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A Perfect Fit

She needs to stand on a phone book to give him a kiss, he can’t bend down low enough.  She’s Vietnamese,  he’s U.S.  She’s a dentist, he serve’s court papers.  They’re a perfect fit. Ha and Robert met us just recently and informed us that […]

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Lawrence Engagement Shoot

We had great weather and a fantastic day for Hilary and Matt’s engagement shoot. Always thrilled to have the chance to go to Lawrence.  We started out on campus which always provides us with lots of shooting options and backgrounds.. Hilary is a huge Cardinals […]

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Beautiful Day In The Country

As winter is keeping us locked up in our home, our minds our wandering back to warmer days that really were not that long ago.  We spent a wonderful fall day with Talisa and Chuck shooting their engagement session on Chuck’s grandparents farm just on […]

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New Years Eve Celebration

For New Years Eve we celebrated with Johnathan and Tricia.  What can we say about a preacher from Texas you prayed for the right woman and a bride who lights up when her groom enters the room.  I guess the only thing we can say […]

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Out In The Country

This year we seemed to be spending a lot of time in the country.  One thing I’ve learned about farm families, nothing is more important than the land they own.  So it was with Shelby and Brett. Shelby grew up on a small but gorgeous […]

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The Family Farm

We’re always thrilled to get a call from a bride telling us she’s getting married outdoors.  What’s even better is when we’re told it’s a family property.  Sarah and Matthew were married in Kirksville, Missouri on Sarah’s grandparents farm property.  A place where she spent […]

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Family Unity

When Jennifer called I was immediately intrigued.  When we met with both Jennifer and Therese we were hooked.  When we met Max and Sydney it was icing on the cake.  Four beautiful people on a gorgeous April afternoon celebrating the union of love.  It was […]

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A Wedding Day Should Reflect Who You Are

Nita and I are always asked, what’s the most beautiful wedding that Studio Chyree Photography has ever seen.  Our answer is any wedding where the bride and groom match their wedding day to their unique personalities.  We met Doni and DJ over a year before […]

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Palm Beach Getaway

Last January, we had the amazing opportunity to shoot a wedding at the Omphoy Resort in Palm Springs, Florida.  Obviously, leaving the cold winds of Kansas for the warm breezes of Florida was a tragedy we had to deal with but we managed.  The Mills family […]

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