Chef Lonnie Gets Married

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Nita and I are fortunate that her parents live nearby and we’re able to provide them with whatever assistance they may require.  This involves their meals.   We tried Meals on Wheels but they’re, “All the Same.”  We tried Costco – – even worse.  We even tried making extra meals when we cooked our own dinners — the absolute worst.

Nita’s parents are country folk.  Life on the farm revolves around a good hearty dinner.  Cheese sticks from Costco was not recreating that farmstead table feel.  Out of my frustration over what options remained I cast fate to the wind and did a search on local Personal Chef’s.  What I found was a life saver and a new friend.

Lonnie was a professional Chef out of Lawrence looking to get off the fast track.  He started his own Personal Chef business and when we first met him we knew it was a perfect fit.  From savory pork chops to garlic mashed potatoes to smoked salmon he has returned the farm style dinner to Nita’s parents.  Complaints about the meals came to an abrupt end.

One day Lonnie mentioned he was getting married in his back yard.  When Nita heard this she immediately asked who was photographing the event.  Lonnie replied no one.  Well, Nita and I were not going to stand idly by for that.

We contributed our services out of the sheer goodness of our hearts.  And, the spread we knew he was going to prepare!!!

Beautiful ceremony on a warm summer afternoon.  I love intimate weddings anchored down by immediate friends and family.  Thank you Chef and Tara for including us in your wonderful day.  And, thank you for cooking up joy for our family.

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