Jazz Man Senior Shoot

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Senior Shoot

So, I’m sitting at home minding my own business when my phone suddenly starts doing that multiple dinging sound indicating that I have a massive influx of text messages all at once.  I picked up the phone with trepidation because this usually indicates my sister wishes to share with me some concern she has about life.  This typically requires an extensive number of texts.  But to my pleasant surprise it was my old friend Rosemary Clyde with Final Touch Studios.  She was asking if I could do a senior shoot for a family friend in the next couple of weeks.  I was totally on board.

I met Justin at a park just around the corner from me and he arrived with his guitar.  I loved incorporating the instrument because music plays such an important part in his life.  What caught me off guard was when he asked me what kind of music I like listening to?  I was hesitant to tell him for fear his taste tilted more to hard rock.  When I confessed jazz pianist Bill Evans was my go to music source, he informed me that jazz was his niche and that’s what he enjoyed playing the most.  We never stopped talking music after that intro.  It was a great afternoon.



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