Did You Say Topeka Zoo?

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In my business one of the questions you get asked most is…what’s the most unique wedding you ever shot?  Well I’m happy to report that title now goes to Rachel and James.

When Rachel first contacted me she informed me that her ceremony will be taking place at the Topeka Zoo.  I immediately checked the batteries in my phone because I was sure I had a bad connection.  But she repeated herself and after talking with her further I quickly caught the vision.

One of the most important concepts I stress to any couple is design your wedding day to fit your personality.  Well, that’s exactly what Rachel and James did.  They are animal and zoo lovers and travel everywhere visiting zoos.   They contacted the Topeka Zoo and they to immediately caught the vision and totally jumped on board.

The ceremony took place on the banks of a gorgeous lake at the center of the zoo.  Afterwards, Jared our guide, took us on an incredible behind the scenes tour of all the major exhibits.  At each stop, staff was waiting for us with food for the animals or whatever it took for Rachel and James to get up close and personal.  But, always safe.

When Rachel tossed her bouquet, custom made by zoo staff of edible plants, to the resident hippo I knew this was one for the memory books.

Thank you Rachel and James for an amazing wedding day.


Z-100 (Large)Z-101 (Large)Z-111 (Large)Z-120 (Large)Z-136 (Large)Z-152 (Large)Z-163 (Large)Z-165 (Large)Z-172 (Large)Z-187 (Large)Z-201 (Large)Z-203 (Large)Z-209 (Large)Z-216 (Large)Z-240 (Large)Z-251 (Large)Z-258 (Large)Z-265 (Large)Z-269 (Large)Z-277 (Large)Z-281 (Large)Z-295 (Large)Z-316 (Large)Z-328 (Large)Z-373 (Large)Z-384 (Large)

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