Loose Mansion Bliss

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Weddings at Loose Mansion are always difficult for me to talk about objectively.  Loose Mansion is an excellent venue with some of the best food in town, the nicest staff, and amazing decor.  So going to Loose Mansion always feels like going home to me.  So, I’ll try this anyway….

Wedding day for Nena and Tony started off easy.  I had the pleasure of shooting their Engagement Session at Loose Park which always helps me know the couple better.

Both Nena and Tony got ready at Loose Mansion while I, with assistance from a few bridesmaids, kept them apart. For first reveal, I put Tony at the bottom of this amazing red-carpeted stairwell while Nena came downstairs.

After a few formal shots taking advantage of Loose Mansion’s vintage interior, we headed to Union Station.  I always recommend taking a trolley when moving wedding parties around.  With music and drinks its perfect transportation.

We then returned to Loose for the ceremony and reception.  One of the things I love most about Loose Mansion is the intimate atmosphere it creates.  During evening toasts you can just see in the pictures how comfortable and relaxed everyone was.

It was a perfect evening that felt like I was back home with my family.   Thank you Nena and Tony.

For more images check out my website at: www.studiochyree.com

D-100 (Large)D-101 (Large)D-114 (Large)D-124 (Large)D-147 (Large)D-175 (Large)D-196 (Large)D-201 (Large)D-218 (Large)D-252 (Large)D-254 (Large)D-257 (Large)D-264 (Large)D-272 (Large)D-309 (Large)D-343 (Large)D-348 (Large)D-384 (Large)D-390 (Large)D-461 (Large)D-463 (Large)D-467 (Large)D-486 (Large)D-599 (Large)D-608 (Large)D-612 (Large)D-633 (Large)


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