Nephew Winston


About a year ago I received word that my nephew Winston was getting married in Charlotte, NC.  It was soon after that my sister called and informed me to please pack my camera bag and make my way south.  What started as a small intimate wedding turned into a memorable family vacation.

Rehearsal Dinner took place on the patio at Rock Bottom Brewery.   It was the perfect setting to finally meet Winston’s bride Cathy and her family.   Cathy’s mom is one of those people you talk to and it’s like you’ve know each other for years.  With amazing centerpieces created by my sister, a fantastic dinner and an Armadillo Cake straight out of Steel Magnolias the evening was complete.

Wedding day was at The Morehead Inn which is a classic southern style Bed and Breakfast.  The ceremony took place in a small courtyard directly behind the house.  Surrounded by trees and flowers with a setting sun, you could not have wished for a nicer venue.

Seeing my whole family together while photographing my nephew getting married and my daughter working as 2nd Shooter was a bit of an emotional ride but it was an amazing day none of us we’ll forget.

Congratulations Winston and Cathy.  Thank you for bringing us all together.

Uncle Jeff

Family Photographer






2 thoughts on “Nephew Winston”

  1. Arlene paul says:

    What a wonderful weekend. Meeting Winstons family and friends and being with Cathy’s friends and our family. Everything was beautiful. We had a really good time with everyone and enjoyed the drive back with the boys. It all hit me today and I did nothing but rest. Ahhhhhhhhh nice.

  2. Jan Loring says:

    Wow! Looks like it was a perfect wedding! So happy for you and your family!

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