The Polaroid Rebirth

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One of my earliest photography memories was shooting with the Polaroid Swinger.  This amazing camera allowed you to shoot your pictures and then 90 seconds later – you had a print.  I loved the whole concept and the “Polaroid look.”

Polaroid went out of business but as luck would have it just as they were closing down their last factory a few entrepreneurs came in and purchased all the remaining stock and equipment.  They were determined to bring Polaroid back.  Everyone said that with the digital age in photography this would be impossible.  The owners thought they would run with this idea and called their new company the “The Impossible Project.”

Well, it worked out and Polaroid is once again alive and well.  In addition, not only are they now manufacturing all the old Polaroid films they are refurbishing old Polaroid cameras.  I could not sit this out.

I have recently purchased one of the old Land cameras which were the higher-end Polaroid models and had it modified to accept modern day flash units.  I love it!

The camera still maintains it’s old 60’s charm with that amazing look and even the old smells from the Polaroid film.  Every picture brings old memories of my childhood flooding back.  I now use the camera when we travel and at wedding receptions.  Digital photography runs the show but Polaroid will always have its place.



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