The Camp Out – Days Remembered

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I grew up in a fantastic neighborhood in Prairie Village.  Everyone spent their evenings talking to each other in the front yard, Friday night was cocktail night, our street was even blocked off in the winter because we had the best hill for sledding.  But what I remember most was that my father had an undeniable passion for Thunderbirds.   He purchased each new model when it rolled out.   The lines, the big engines and the never ending new gadgets always made the Thunderbird a special kind of car for my dad to own.

Dad picked up photography while serving in WWII.  In between missions, he and a buddy would grab their cameras and shoot around the hillsides of France.  Dad’s best advice to me for photography…always watch your background!

I’m sure this was some special occasion, probably my first camp out.  But notice where dad placed me for this memorable photo op.


By the way the torch was passed, years later I bought this same model Thunderbird only in a convertible.



One thought on “The Camp Out – Days Remembered”

  1. Janie Perdew says:

    This is great. Such a handsome little boy who up to be a precious, handsome man! Loved the writing.

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