Beautiful Day In The Country

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As winter is keeping us locked up in our home, our minds our wandering back to warmer days that really were not that long ago.  We spent a wonderful fall day with Talisa and Chuck shooting their engagement session on Chuck’s grandparents farm just on the fringes Leavenworth.

We photographed Talisa’s brother’s wedding a few months before and were thrilled to be asked to do her engagement and wedding as well.

I went to do an early inspection of the property to check out photo spots and lighting.  As I turned off the gravel road and down the driveway, I was greeted with sun pouring through the trees, a classic gorgeous farmhouse, and Royals banners and flags hanging over the porch.  Man, did I find paradise.  The goal was to check out the grounds, but I spent most of the time discussing Royals with the grandparents.

The day of the shoot, Chuck had moved the grandparents Model T out of the barn, positioned my favorite tractor at just the right angle and then along with Talisa dressed up in their finest country attire.   We always tell our couples to have at least 2 possibly 3 different wardrobe changes, as it really looks great in the Engagement Book to have several different looks.

After shooting on the farm we then drove over to Weston Red Barn for some final evening shots.  This was one of those shoots where I’m going to have trouble picking favorites for the blog.  Hope the grandparents invite us back when Royals season starts back up!





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