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If you’re like me, I keep shooting photos on my phone and then forgetting about them.  Recently I took a good look at all those images and was amazed to discover it was like a biography of my life over the last several years.  Both personal and humorous, here’s a photo scrapbook of my last 36 months.

Had to downsize the in-laws belongings and move them closer to us including selling the Father In-Laws ’35 Ford that he’s owned since he was 16.   Boy, was he thrilled with me!


Son Connor giving a medical presentation for college.  Still don’t understand what he was talking about.  But he looked good doing it.


You can’t beat a good car show


Had to take over the management of the in-laws duplex in Lees Summit.  Progressing nicely on new deck


Mother’s last trip home from the hospital.

20140718_124936 20140718_124943

Nita picking tomatoes on the family farm.


Sitting in mother’s room watching the thunderstorm out her the window the day she passed.


Sister Jenni’s fine craft work in preparing memorial posters for mother’s funeral

20140816_170644 - Copy

Nephew beating the daylights out of his Pinata.

20140817_185446 20140817_190712

Oldest brother Greg, who suffered a stroke, and I enjoy our outings at Loose Park.


For a little fine art and culture, Nita and I take a break in Branson, MO.

20140915_090055 20140915_125845


Christmas with Nita’s family is a very serious business.  Must be able to sing and play an instrument.


Have an out of control hobby of collecting vintage stereo equipment.  Working on a new album rack.


Christmas tradition includes shopping at Crown Center and a light tour.

20141213_150025 20150101_003006

Nephew talked me into taking him to Comi-Con convention.  Can you tell which one is me?


Took ten days off to drive the Pacific Coast Highway.  Starting point was San Francisco with a quick tour of a Japanese Tea Garden

20150325_131947 20150325_134038 20150325_134247   20150327_143313 20150328_142719 20150329_150414 20150330_130750 20150330_141951

Tragically, my other brother and best friend passed away from ALS.  I volunteered to clean out his closet and personal things and unfortunately my Sister-In-Law took me up on it!


Black Tie Affair for Mike Nolte’s daughters wedding.


Nephew talked me into taking him to the new Captain America.  Man he looks good!


Out of the blue, Rosemary with Final Touch Studios invites us to her seats at a Royals Game.  If we sat any closer I’d be calling the plays at home plate.

20150505_203320 20150505_203413

I do most of the cooking.  This evening Plank Salmon.


Dave and Craig, my best friends and lunch bunch.


House finally gets painted.  We redesigned the Little House on the Prairie.

20150616_122805 20150626_194002

Grabbed a bottle of Diet Coke with daughters name.  Still looking for a cool place to photograph the bottle.


Enjoyed a fantastic get-away in West Palm Beach while shooting a wedding.Mills-139  Mills-2477Mills-305 Mills-2565 Mills-2610 - Copy Mills-2716 Mills-2736

So, Nita and the kids always joke with me because my constant mantra is, “Give me a conclusion.”  My conclusion is in the last few years I’ve witnessed tragic misfortunes and unparalleled beauty.  Isn’t that what life is all about.  All  you can do is just strap in and enjoy the ride!

For more insights on life join us at: studiochyree.com

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