Out In The Country

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This year we seemed to be spending a lot of time in the country.  One thing I’ve learned about farm families, nothing is more important than the land they own.  So it was with Shelby and Brett.

Shelby grew up on a small but gorgeous property in Odessa,  Brett grew up on his large family farm directly behind her.  And right in between the two properties they purchased their new home.

Using these three locations as anchor points, we braved the heat and shot at all three locations before the wedding.  We started with Nita staying close to Shelby as she got ready at her home.  I went on to Brett’s house to shoot the guys getting ready.  When it was time for the first reveal, we met at Brett’s house which is their future home.  We setup for the both of them to see each other in the back yard against the fantastic wheat fields.  Brett went the extra mile and moved one of the larger tractors and a vintage truck up to his house for a few photo ops. We then went on to Brett’s parents home for a few shots since Brett actively works the farm.  Then on to the town square for the wedding.

I believe that anything you can do to personalize your wedding day is going to make it that much more memorable.  Shelby and Brett did an amazing job of anchoring their wedding to what’s most important to them. The family properties.

Var-106 Var-108 Var-120 Var-128 Var-142 Var-186 Var-191 Var-194 Var-200 Var-207 Var-220 Var-233 Var-240 Var-245 Var-250 Var-258 Var-263 Var-281 Var-287 Var-302 Var-303 Var-308 Var-314 Var-322 Var-327 Var-337 Var-338 Var-342 Var-345 Var-346 Var-347 Var-350 Var-355 Var-358 Var-362 Var-367 Var-372 Var-402 Var-403 Var-422 Var-521 Var-523 Var-537 Var-541


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