Intimate Wedding Day For Globetrotting Couple

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They met in the Far East, Kansas City was one of multiple ceremonies to be held around the world, and it was a perfect fit on a perfect day.  Ginny and Gordon got ready at the Southmoreland on the Plaza with the ceremony at the Pilgram Chapel in Hyde Park.  The reception was a beautiful dinner at the Grand St. Cafe.  What I loved about this wedding was it was sized perfectly for what Ginny was looking for, an intimate wedding day with just friends and family to share in their joy.


Wz-135 Wz-159 Wz-169 Wz-253 Wz-348 Wz-423 Wz-507 Wz-560 Wz-604 Wz-627 Wz-654 Wz-675 Wz-728 Wz-739 Wz-783 Wz-790 Wz-797 Wz-819 Wz-826 Wz-891 Wz-906 Wz-922 Wz-945 Wz-953 Wz-1009 Wz-1044 Wz-1045 Wz-1079 Wz-1096 Wz-1115 Wz-1137 Wz-1173 Wz-1212 Wz-1235 Wz-1292 Wz-1305 Wz-1397 Wz-1432 Wz-1461 Wz-1550 Wz-1555 Wz-1602 Wz-1652 Wz-1679 Wz-1685 Wz-1694 Wz-1728 Wz-1744 Wz-1747 Wz-1774 Wz-1812 Wz-1855 Wz-1928

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