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So we go through Lee’s Summit, east on 50 Hwy and keep going and going.  Past Powell Gardens….I didn’t think anything was past Powell Gardens.  Finally we get to Bates City.  Turn left on some country road and then left at the big barn. Couldn’t believe it, drop dead gorgeous!  Rolling green hills with the ceremony taking place down in a small valley.  Meadow View Gardens was a hidden gem.   Nita and I had a wonderful summer wedding day with Lori and Brian.  The place looked immaculate with nice sized dressing rooms and plenty of photo spots to shoot our couple.  Never had heard of the place and now I can’t wait to get back.  I guess the lesson to be learned here is there are plenty of event locations so it pays to look around and find the one that fits your budget and personality.

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KJ-592-2 p492688544-5

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