Just Be You

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Want to have great wedding photos?  Then just be yourself!  Yes, a wedding day is a formal affair but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.  In spite of all the formal trappings, Hannah and Aaron simply made the most of their day by being themselves.  The first reveal took place in a garden area next to the church that played an important role in Hannah and Aaron’s lives.  We then took advantage of a variety of photo stops where Hannah was like a Ferrari cut loose on an open highway.  The reception took place at one of Johnson County’s greatest secrets, Shawnee Town.  Make it Your Day!

Ram-174-2 Ram-171-2 Ram-169-2 Ram-168-2 Ram-167-2 Ram-166-2 Ram-165-2 Ram-164-2 Ram-163-2 Ram-161-2 Ram-159-2 Ram-158-2 Ram-157-2 Ram-156-2 Ram-155-2 Ram-153 Ram-152-2 Ram-150 Ram-149-2 Ram-148-2 Ram-147 Ram-146-2 Ram-144 Ram-142-2 Ram-141 Ram-139-2 Ram-138-2 Ram-136-2 Ram-135-2 Ram-133-2 Ram-130-2 Ram-129-2 Ram-126-2 Ram-125-2 Ram-120-2 Ram-118-2 Ram-117-2 Ram-115-2 Ram-114-2 Ram-111-2 Ram-110-2 Ram-109-2 Ram-108-2 Ram-105-2 Ram-103 Ram-102


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