Pick Your Unique Location

Special Events, Weddings

One of the greatest things you can do to personalize your wedding day is pick locations that fit your style.  For the Kansas City wedding of LeeMarie and Tobias they chose the newly remodeled Ambassador Hotel to get ready and for their first reveal.  This boutique setting offered a gorgeous backdrop for the initial shots of the day.  The ceremony was then performed in the courtyard at The Berg Event Space.   What I loved about these environments were they were a perfect fit for the hip/edgy style of our couple.  This creates an extremely fun and relaxed mood for the day.

IMG_7350 IMG_7376 IMG_7552 IMG_7570IMG_1515

IMG_8093 IMG_8044 IMG_7912 IMG_1884 IMG_1669 IMG_1929 IMG_1661IMG_2137 IMG_2065IMG_8169 IMG_8173 IMG_8178 IMG_8187 IMG_8306 IMG_8320 IMG_8351


2 thoughts on “Pick Your Unique Location”

  1. Jessica says:

    LOVE THEM! Can’t wait to see the rest. Great job Nita and Jeff. Amazingly, beautiful Bride and handsome groom. What a perfect day.

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