Sweta + Sumeet

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Reception Locations, Weddings

Hindu traditions, gorgeous colors, a bride with unlimited smiles and grace and a groom that looks like he walked out of a Abercrombie & Fitch catalog.  Mix together and you get the wedding of Sweta and Sumeet.  This was a shoot that took place over several days including events at Sweta’s home followed by a ceremony at the Hindu Temple in Shawnee and then the final wedding gala at the Mariott in Overland Park.  It’s difficult to select a few images from such a fantastic event but here’s a sneak peek of coming attractions:

Ceremony: Mariott Overland Park

Wedding Coordinator: Patti Gehring Signature Weddings

Florist: Andrea Grist Floral Design

Videography: Creative Films

Patel-101 Patel-102

Patel-116 Patel-115

Patel-103 Patel-104 Patel-105

Patel-109 Patel-108 Patel-107 Patel-106


Patel-101-2 Patel-113

Patel-102-2 Patel-104-2 Patel-106-2 Patel-107-2 Patel-108-2 Patel-109-2 Patel-112


Patel-118 Patel-117

Patel-119 Patel-120 Patel-122 Patel-125 Patel-126 Patel-127

IMG_2284 IMG_2263



Patel-114-2 Patel-113-2 Patel-112-2

Patel-123-2 Patel-122-2 Patel-121-2 Patel-119-2 Patel-118-2 Patel-135 Patel-137 Patel-138 Patel-139 Patel-143 Patel-144 Patel-146 Patel-148 Patel-150

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