Kelly Gallery Bridal Event

Special Events, Weddings

I guess as summer winds to a close I think back to some of my favorite warm weather events that took place over the last few months.  At the top of the list would be the bridal event organized by Diane Boone at Kelly Gallery.  What a gorgeous setting under a summer evening sky.  Kelly Daniels seems to not only be a fabulous photographer but also certainly understands landscape design.  As you go south you end up driving to the end of Antioch Road. at which point you leave everything behind and enter a whole new world.  The event featured vendors under a tent with live music followed by a fashion show next to Kelly’s enchanting pond.  A wonderful summer evening.

IMG_5699 IMG_5692 IMG_5670 IMG_5662 IMG_5641 IMG_5626 IMG_5611 IMG_5608 IMG_5573 IMG_5576 IMG_5585 IMG_5590 IMG_5593 IMG_5596 IMG_5571 IMG_5566 IMG_5564 IMG_5561 IMG_5558 IMG_5557 IMG_5555 IMG_5553 IMG_5552 IMG_5551 IMG_5548 IMG_5544 IMG_5542 IMG_5767

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