Katie + Brian

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Simply put, Katie and Brian made us feel like part of their family.  The ceremony was a wonderful gathering of friends and family at S. Joseph Church followed by an intimate dinner at their home with all the food you could eat while enjoying a perfect summer evening.  A follow up reception was then held at Hotel Aladdin.   Never put me near a mother who keeps asking, “Is their anything more I can get you?” Ceremony: St. Joseph Church   Reception:  Hotel Aladdin Horn-107 Horn-114 Horn-136 Horn-139 Horn-176 Horn-193 Horn-356 Horn-385 Horn-392 Horn-503 Horn-553 Horn-582 Horn-591 Horn-620 Horn-636 Horn-706 Horn-725 Horn-723 Horn-755 Horn-765 Horn-769 Horn-767 Horn-773 Horn-785 Horn-801 Horn-857 Horn-865 Horn-966 Horn-1002 Horn-1009 Horn-1101

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