A Day in the Park

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Baby Portraits

Maksim, Mindy and Rob ……..what a day we had at Loose Park.  This sweet and beautiful little boy is definitely one of our favorites to photograph. With the sunshine on our side and Maksim’s smiling face and laughing eyes, it just doesn’t get any better.  This little blue eyed wonder has been a joy to photograph from the very beginning, and I mean VERY beginning!

We did mommy Mindy’s pregnancy photos (Check a few of them out under our gallery – Baby Face.) Mindy was gorgeous with Maksim in her tummy and we knew then that this baby was going to be someone very special.

It would be impossible to pick our very favorite photo of the day, because Maksim loves the camera and the camera loves Maksim, but really driving the mustang are classic images.

We cherish the times we have had with first Mindy and Rob when we shot their engagement session and now the three on their family shoots.  This is not goodbye, this is just Thank You for giving us the opportunity to capture moments in time that might have otherwise been a memory but now are memories on paper that along with the ones in your hearts, will last a lifetime.

Jeff and I love our lives, partly because of people like ….Maksim, Mindy and Rob!

family portrait in loose park

We start off with a few hugs and kisses

baby photo at loose park kansas city

Cool Shoes

I'm gonna nail that camera guy

Strictly a Ford Man

Baby portrait in Loose Park Kansas City

Just Hangin'

Baby portrait in Loose Park Kansas City

Deep thinking

Baby portrait at fountain in Kansas City

You lookin' at me

Baby Portrait in Kansas City

Making a right turn

Baby portrait on Fall Day Kansas City

It feels good to be me

Baby portrait Kansas City

Does this go with my hat?

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