The Serengeti Resort

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Reception Locations

It seemed easy enough…we were invited to San Antonio, Texas to shoot a wedding at the Serengeti Resort.  So off we went driving from downtown San Antonio to the Hill Country.  After awhile, we ran out of asphalt roads – then we ran out of gravel roads.  We finally entered what I initially thought was a scene from Jurassic Park…high wire fences and cattle barriers.  As we pulled up though, Nita and I immediately fell in love with the idyllic location.  Gorgeous rolling hills with 100 year old mesquite trees, roaming wildlife including: camels, giraffes, zebras, you name it.    Brandon and Brooke were married outside in what was an absolutely jaw-dropping environment.  We were so moved by the location that we set up an entire website devoted to our experience at the Serengeti.

Check it out:

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One thought on “The Serengeti Resort”

  1. Brooke says:

    Thank you guys for capturing all the little moments from our wedding that we never want to forget. We love you guys!

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