A Few Jobs For Our Friends

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Well, it’s not just weddings and seniors all the time.  The last couple of weeks a couple of our friends asked for a little help so we charged the batteries and jumped in the car.  Lynn Henderson with Above and Beyond Weddings wanted a few pics with all her staff.  I made the suggestion that they all dress in black…Lynn shot me down…turned out to be  the correct move.  And, then I made the suggestion to call in Pech Limosine. Lynn agreed and that was also the correct move.  We roamed all over town for several hours for what turned out to be a beautiful day.

Mr. Pech brought along Mrs. Pech so I couldn’t resist a few snaps….

Our good friend Laura at The Monaco and the Velvetg Dog, located on the Martini Corner at Union Hill, needed a few images for their new event space as they rev up for the wedding market.  Love the space and the location! 

One thought on “A Few Jobs For Our Friends”

  1. I can’t thank Jeff and Nita enough for all their hard work and effort on my company photoshoot! It was an amazing day. I recommend Image Video and Studio Chyree to all my clients. As a wedding planner here in Kansas City, you can’t beat the quality of their work, their artistry, and their ability to work together with the bride and groom to make the day stessfree and fun!! Make an appointment with them…upon first meeting them, it will be hard not to book them for your next event!

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