First Day of Spring???

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It seemed simple enough.  Plan a wedding on the first day of Spring and then enjoy a wonderful day of warmth and beauty.  Unfortunately, not everything we plan turns out like we expect.  Except when you have a couple like Megan and Jamie.  Not only did they put up with the surprise snow, they embraced it.  Talk about an amazing couple.  While Nita and I were freezing, we couldn’t keep them out of the winter weather.  Lynn Henderson of Above and Beyond Weddings did her usual outstanding job of keeping everything on track.  For the reception, we headed to Terrace on Grand where our couple wanted to head straight for the rooftop terrace.  We ended up getting some amazing images with the snow falling on downtown Kansas City.  A beautiful day!




One thought on “First Day of Spring???”

  1. Megan Mckeehan says:

    So the weather didn’t do exactly what we wanted, but we embraced what mother nature gave us, and the day turned out perfect. The snow made our pictures that much more unique…. Can’t wait to see more of them!

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