How Did You Spend New Years Eve?

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When you work in the wedding business, your schedule is always opposite of everyone else’s.  When others take time off – you go to work.  Such was the case New Year’s Eve.  I had the good fortune to videotape an amazing wedding that ended up at the Inter-Continental Hotel.  Now I know what you’re thinking…New Year’s Eve fell on a Thursday.  That’s right, but this couple decided why not go ahead, get married and also make a party out of it.  A complete success and I had the good fortune of spending the day with my good friend Tyler Wirken from Wirken Photography.   And the moment that will forever stay in my memory…standing on the band stage shooting the celebration at midnight while Tyler took the middle of the dance floor and ended up looking like a scene from World Extreme Cagefighting.  Tyler always gets his shot!

As events settled down, we all headed over to  Tyler’s new BoothBooth for a few shots to close out the year and welcome in a new 2010.  I could not have asked to spend the evening with a better friend.

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