My Favorite Reception Location

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Nita and I have been in a couple of wedding shows this year and I always seem to get the question, “What is my favorite reception location?”  When I recommend reception spots, I always think through a quick profile of issues:  close to the church,  easy access for all ages, great environment, good food, and plenty of room to accommodate the guests.  

But my truly favorite reception location of all time is typically the BACKYARD!  I love it when couples return to a house and have a reception at the parents or friends house.  I realize not everyone has a backyard that can accomodate a big party but you’d be surprised how many couples I’ve booked this year that are having backyard receptions. 


There are lots of advantages:  cut costs, more personal, you have total control over the catering service, a little landscaping and a tent and you’re up and running. I was talking to a mom and daughter about this and suggested the idea and the mom informed me that her backyard had been on the Prairie Village Garden tour.  They loved the idea!!!  


For a few ideas check out one of my favorite backyard ceremony and receptions:

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