Fanastic Weekend at Inter-Continental

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Even after fifteen years in the business, I still get my socks blown off occasionally.  Andrea Reed contacted super coordinator Holly Davidson with Simple Elegance who helped organize a truly jaw-dropping day.  Gale Goodheart joined forces with Santee Floral Designs and together they designed a Spring-Time oasis that enveloped you as soon as you entered the reception room. 

Anchoring the center of the floor was a beautiful gazebo covering the entire dance floor and the magnificent cake.  Along all the walls were handpainted murals, and to top it off…an entire bar carved completely out of ice.


See it to believe it.

One thought on “Fanastic Weekend at Inter-Continental”

  1. Gale Goodheart says:

    Jeff: Blog is great –just what I wanted and needed for my port folio — to get my next job..I’m sure the complete video is exactly what the Reed’s wanted..Let me know if you can make a short video of images like your Blog.. You’re the greatest..Thanks…Gale

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